Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Paul Bailey and Phil Purkiss are the joint lead Pastors in the leadership team.

Paul has over 30 years of experience in  Christian ministry.  Paul is a skilled pastoral teacher with a passion for seeing the Church become the loving presence of Christ caring in the community.  Paul has been married to Maureen since June 1996.

Phil has nearly 25 years experience in Christian ministry.  Phil is  skilled prophetic teacher and teacher who is passionate about seeing the Church becoming a loving and welcoming community which is committed to serving those on the margins.  Phil has been married to Dorlisa since May 1996.

Maureen Bailey has over 30 years experience in ministry.  Maureen is a passionate advocate for girls and women.  Maureen is also passionate for all forms of social justice.  Maureen’s ministry includes teaching, worshipping and coaching.  Maureen has been married to Paul since June 1996.

Linda Bailey is a skilled musician with a beautiful soprano voice.  She was is a passionate worship leader.  Linda also serves on the leadership team.

Dorlisa Purkiss is a qualified counsellor and therapist with over 25 years of Christian ministry.  Dorlisa is passionate about people finding wholeness and fulfilling their potential.  Dorlisa has been married to Phil since May 1996.