Who We Are

Who We Are

The Regeneration Project is a Spirit-filled radically inclusive community of Christ-followers – we are radically inclusive.  

We are neither liberal nor conservative.  We are radical.  Radical means a returning to the roots or origins.  The roots of the Way are inclusive.

We are committed to the belief that the true spirit of Pentecost is when children, women and men are brought together in the power of  the Holy Spirit and speak the same language.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of inclusion.  

The Regeneration Project welcomes everyone because we believe in the all-welcoming God.

Why We Are Here

We exist because we believe that everybody deserves to attend a wonderful, inclusive church that fully reflects the beauty of God’s Kingdom.

Inclusion and Diversity

The Regeneration Project is a radically inclusive community, where difference and diversity is appreciated and celebrated, as we believe that God loves and celebrates each of us as we are.

Our community includes and welcomes people from the wide and colourful spectrum of diversity.

We welcome, affirm and celebrate all because of our common humanity and our unique ethnicities, nationalities, ages, genders,sexual identities, sexual orientations, religion, disabilities and abilities.

We refuse to discriminate or exclude on the basis of difference of any kind.

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The Regeneration Project is an affiliate member of the The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

The Regeneration Project is a part of Churches Together in Mitcham.